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In 2016 Atlantic Global Asset Management (AGAM) developed their business and moved forward, in addition to their investments within Securities & IPO it was decided that a more active involvement with Fintech, Blockchain technologies to be added to their portfolio of investments.

Clearly these are two types of business. The solution was to DIVIDE AGAM into two operational identities.

Atlantic Global Asset Management – COMPANY DIVIDED

🔹 Atlantic Global Asset Management (AGAM) will operate with Fintech, Blockchain technologies
🔹 FIVE WINDS Asset Management will operate with Securities and IPO

To compliment this move Questra World remains with exclusive rights the advertising sector of AGAM.

QW LIANORA SWISS CONSULTING SA – Registered in Switzerland
A new company has been registered with sole rights for the advertising of ‘FIVE WINDS’

Tuesday, August 22, 2017, at 12 noon on the Madrid time, an online conference in which the president of the Atlantic Global Asset Management – Antonino Vieira Robalo will take part.

At the conference you’ll get to know the latest news about the company, the strategy of future development and a lot more.

This online conference will be held in five languages: English, German, Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese.

⭕ Date: August 22, 2017;

Conference time:
London – 11.00.
Madrid- 12.00;
Berlin 12.00;
Moscow – 13.00;
Astana – 16.00;
Hanoi – 17.00;
Beijing – 18.00;

🎥 Conference venue:
🔴 Online broadcasting in English :
Online broadcasting in German :
Online broadcasting in Russian:
Online broadcasting in Chinese:
Online broadcasting in Vietnamese:

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