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Use a PC or Laptop for best results

Smartphones & Tablets can sometimes be temperamental when completing application forms and viewing videos, this is common to many sites (government and commercial).

Ensure you are using a browser such as Chrome, Firefox etc.. and not what the Mobile/Smartphone & Tablet default to, typically a browser is not used, you can adjust the settings to access a browser on most Tablets and Smartphones.

Enrolment link button is displayed on each page in the right margin and at the bottom, to ensure you register correctly and to avoid delay please follow the information provided within these pages.

You can register to join our team with your telephone number. Password is sent via SMS to your mobile phone and/or E-mail (request E-mail if password is not recieved by SMS, prepaid/PayAsYouGo non-contract SIM cards do not accept SMS notifications). Add your profile information to your Atlantic account (Personal Office).

The profile details entered within your AGAM account are duplicated and added to your Questra World account which is created and linked automatically.

  • When entering your phone number DO NOT begin the country code with + or 00
  • (UK) Drop the first 0 in the area code e.g. 447981234567 NOT +44 07981-234 567.
  • (US) 17211234567 NOT 001-721-123-4567
  • Fast Track signup link Questra AGAM

TIP complete your profile fully to make sure people can contact you, ensure you enter your nickname, social link and skype id.

According to the company’s privacy policy, it has been decided to hide the private information of the down-line partners by the Security Department.

The company can not provide personal information of the agent to third parties.

During the signing of the new agents and the placing of the refferal link, the company recommends agents to indicate their contact information in order that the new registered agent will be able to contact with the partner and get consultation for further cooperation.

Company security policies dictate that only your id number & country show, NOT your name, as you can appreciate it is not easy to distinguish each person individually, this is why it would be helpful if you added your nickname and social link.

When sending the enrolment link to prospects your nickname appears as the sponsor, I used Chris Thomas as my nickname.

When filling in your profile full name bare in mind this is connected to any financial transactions you make so enter the name as it appears on government official documents.

Send the necessary documentation for account verification.

  • In colour, from original and edges displayed
  • Check the image file size is less than 1MB (make file smaller by reducing resolution dpi)
  • dimensions in pixels as required
  • ensure file format is acceptable (jpeg, gif, pdf etc)
  • Fast Track signup link Questra AGAM

note: You DO NOT have to wait for the account to be verified to purchase a package.

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