Questra Holdings

26 May

Questra Holdings

Questra Holdings World Atlantic Assets management shkoop chris thomas

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Questra World from Madrid | 6th July 2017



Questra Holdings operational function incorporate buying and selling debentures, including shares of the companies conducting initial public offering of their securities on the stock exchange (IPO). 

Managing directors of Questra Holdings Inc evaluate and buy shares of promising and established companies, at the moment of their initial public offering on the Stock Exchange under certain and favourable conditions. Such a strategy allows to buy shares at a very low price, before they become publicly available and after a short time to sell those same shares at a much higher value thus resulting in profits of 10% to 3000%. 



  • Since 2009 in the European market
  • Questra Holdings operates in over 28 countries
  • The Arbeitskaptial is over EUR 300 million
  • Cooperate with customers from around the world
  • Lucrative marketing plan
  • HQ in Spain (can be visited anytime)
  • Has an insurance fund of over 53 million euros
  • Each partner will receive a written contract
  • 2015 – Investors receive a profit of about 231 million euros
  • Registered and certified company
  • 25 professional Managers work for us
  • Complete transparency
  • 4 – 6% profit sharing per week



Questra Holdings World Atlantic Assets management shkoop chris thomas


  • Earn from 4% to 6% PER WEEK dependant on which package you purchase.
  • Invest as little as $90 and earn 4% PER WEEK paid every Friday evening, withdraw when you wish.
  • Withdraw or reinvest to compound your earnings.
  • Increase your earnings and refer to earn 5% to 15% recurring commissions on different levels.
  • Find 25% of the purchase price and have interest FREE property mortgages and car loans on the remainder.


QUESTRA HOLDINGS comprises of Questra World & Atlantic Global Asset Management


INVESTOR  Atlantic Global Asset Management (AGAM) handle your investment portfolio.
You initially sign-up, verify and purchase an investment package here, when you have begun building your portfolio from an initial investment from as little as $90 USD you can now become a PARTNER.


PARTNER  (optional) Questra World
As a partner you can now build your team and earn an additional income as a referrer. It is not necessary to refer as an affiliate to earn with Questra

Enter your account (Personal Office) with your account information, login details are the same as for your AGAM account and your profile details are duplicated, further verification is required. To send a document you need to pass address, identity verification and to purchase at least one investment package then you can contact your sponsor (details in your account) or you can contact us for help.

You will receive support for team building & we will publish your reference link on our site. 



Live recording showing stats in back-office

Francisco Linares shows how his friend, who has no interest in recruiting, earns weekly by simply compounding the interest earned on the initial investment. 

Going over the back-office real time figures clearly show the system working.


Questra Holdings World Atlantic Assets management shkoop chris thomas calculate income
Questra World Income Calculator

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