Questra and AGAM set for re-launch

re-launch Questra World AGAM FiveWinds trading in 2018 restructured and trading 24 May

Questra and AGAM set for re-launch

“The Future is NOW” with Diego Martín


Not officially announced and not speculation

It must be noted that although not officially announced the re-launch and given information here is not speculative either. official announcements on the Questra web site will appear very soon.

The re-commencement of trading, deposit and withdrawals is now expected to open officially by August 2018.


🔶  During a live-stream video conference, Mr Diego Martín was pleased to announce that the collective operations of both AGAM and Five Winds will be administered collectively and appearing as one Company in Future.

🔶  After reconstructing the companies the withdrawal will start soon.

🔶  He reaffirmed the plans of the company which were announced during last year’s conference in Dubai to have our own bank and debit card, in short nothing will change with regard to the plans announced last year.

🔶  Mr Diego Martín remarked that something would surely change for Questra he will aim for better communication of all internal, external and personal concerns.

🔶  They want to make AGAM the best investment company in history.

🔶  Mr Diego Martín said that everything will be officially announced soon.

🔶  He also announced that all bonuses will be awarded to directors and the contracts will be signed in Dubai. At the end of the year, “boat trips” and executive meetings will be organised, as it was stated earlier in the plans.

🔶  In August 2018 additional bonuses are to be awarded to all members and calculated according to levels and packages acquired. 

🔶  No time-frame given,

🔶  Mr Diego Martín said that he thinks that the company would be ready within the next two months.

🔶  The portfolios will stay the same.


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