Diego Martín to be Questra CEO in 2018

21 Apr

Diego Martín to be Questra CEO in 2018

Diego Martín has NEWS

It appears things are moving forward, here’s a message from Diego.


Diego Martín CEO questraGood evening my family! I’m in a great mood today!

I’m ready to share good news with you! I was contacted by the company and the initial conversation took place. It became very clear that my chances of becoming CEO in the company are 100%!!!

Thanks to everyone who sent messages to the company to support me. All your letters were accepted and they saw how much you appreciate and seeing me as your CEO . As I was informed, the company is currently continuing the work on restructuring. And once all the technical work is completed, I will be contacted again.

Thank you, my family only together we overcome all obstacles!

My Family, are you still with me?

Your Diego — in Madrid, Spain.


ByChris Thomas

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